Calling All Content Areas and Grade Levels!

“The Teachers College Reading and Writing Project has been exploring ways to weave the teaching of argument through the curriculum. Even the youngest students can argue about literature and so some of the new work at the Project has been around trying to develop protocols for how students might take positions and debate about literature, supporting their arguments with reasons and evidence from the texts. The sample lesson plan represents what has come out of this exploration so far. You’ll see it is framed as an argument read aloud where the students are told an argument about the story before it starts and then asked to take a position as they listen. Following the read aloud, they are introduced to a protocol for debating which is similar to the structure of formal debates but offers more scaffolding in the form of time to plan with people who share the same position at multiple points. The aim is to create a structure of teaching which creates an urgent feeling for the need to argue and support positions, sky-high engagement and support for all learners.”


From: ‘How to Get Argument Protocols Up and Running in Reading Workshop”


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